Invited lectures in the opening of the new academic year at UNA

Dr. Catalin Stefan (TUD) lecturing for UNA students in hydrologic engineering in Heredia, Costa Rica, 9 August 2022

At the invitation of UNA, Dr. Catalin Stefan and MSc. Catalina Zapata Barra from TUD offered two talks as inaugural lectures for the start of the second academic year of the Hydrological Engineering course. The first lecture was given on 9 August 2022 in the campus Heredia and focused on the role of groundwater in climate change adaptation. Several free web-based tools were presented for planning of water resources management, such as the tools from groundwater modelling platform INOWAS and the Climate Resilient Toolbox. The lecture was given also to students and staff members from the Sede Regional Chorotega campus in Liberia on 11 August 2022.